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Students - Interested Volunteers :

I want to Volunteer! How do I get involved?
I have to obtain volunteer hours for a class. Does (insert particular opportunity) count?
Is there anyone I can speak to in person about the different opportunities?
How do I get to a service experience?

Students - Current Volunteers :

How do I know if my particular volunteer experience requires clearances like a criminal background check or child abuse clearance?
I can’t volunteer today because *insert reason here*. Who should I inform?
I love volunteering! Is this something I can participate in next semester?

Team Leaders :

How do I obtain my Messiah License?
I don’t like the Messiah car and want to drive my own, can I?
How do I know when the team is going out?
How does attendance tracking work?

Professors :

I want my students to earn service hours through Outreach-how do I set this up?
I already have an organization and experience set up for my students, but I want Outreach to reserve/pay for a vehicle for the students to use. Is that something Outreach does?

Outside Organizations :

How do I get Messiah volunteers to come to my organization?