Administrative Leave Reports

(submit monthly)

Administrative employees, those employees paid a salary but are not faculty or adjuncts, and who are also eligible to receive leave benefits, are required to report the time that they take off for personal, sick, vacation or funeral time. The Payroll Office will send you an Excel spreadsheet each month to use to report the time you have taken off. For your convenience, we have placed the reports here too. They can be filled out using Excel. Of course, you will need to print them in order to sign them before you submit them to the Payroll Office.

Sample (in PDF format) MAKE YOUR OWN
(in Excel format) enter 1st of the month
in the upper left cell

Detailed Directions

Directions for Completing the Report:

General Notes:

  • You must submit a report even if you did not take time off.
  • Please do not use staples or tape.
  • Following the directions will help to prevent errors in reading your time off.

Detailed Directions:

  1. Enter your ID# and name on the top lines. Your middle initial is also very helpful.
  2. For each day that you have time off, record the number of hours you have taken (using a decimal number, to the nearest quarter hour) and the appropriate letter code of the time being taken.
    • Valid letter codes are as follows:
      • V for vacation
      • S for sick
      • P for personal
      • F for funeral
      • L for medical/professional leave (see special notes below)*

    • Example Type Description of the Error
      V 4.25 correct
      S 1 correct
      1.75 P correct
      L correct
      S 8:00-10:00 wrong invalid number of hours
      5 1/2 hours of vacation wrong invalid code; not in decimal format; extra words
      3 hours 15 minutes sick wrong invalid code; not in decimal format; extra words
      2 doctor wrong invalid code
      3 PER wrong invalid code
  3. Print the report on white paper. You may wish to also print a copy for your records. (The payroll office is now scanning all documents. Colored paper does not scan well. Thank you.)
  4. Sign your name on the signature line.
  5. Mail to Payroll, Suite 3011 on or before the 5th of the following month. Please do not use staples or tape. You may simply fold in half, address to payroll and place in campus mail. If you are concerned about privacy, you may place the report in an envelope.

*Special notes about using the "L" code for medical or professional leave.

If you were on extended leave (either paid or unpaid), place only an "L" code on the days of your leave as defined by the Human Resources/Benefits Office. The Payroll Office will deduct the number of sick, personal and vacation hours as were indicated on the official Leave Form provided to the Payroll Office by the Human Resources/Benefits Office.