FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on any of these items or other items not addressed here, please contact the Payroll Office directly.  Additional details can also be found in the Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual.

Questions Related to:

•Forms and Deadlines
•Time Sheets
•Pay Stubs
•Employee Self-Service
•Child Labor Law

Questions Related to Updating Personal Information:

Q: How do I inform Messiah College of a change of address, name, phone number, or emergency contact information?
A: All employees should complete the following two forms and send or deliver them to the Payroll Office:
1) Employee Personal Information Change form (click here for Word format).
2) Residency Certification from (click for Excel format or click for PDF format,
         - you may need the list of PSD codes:  click here for PSD codes in PDF format.

Questions Related to Forms and Deadlines:

Q: What are the form submission deadlines for such items as: timesheets, administrative leave reports, new employee forms, Payroll Change Forms and other payroll-related items?

A: The document which outlines submission deadlines can be found here (pdf).

Q: I am unsure of when to pay an individual through Payroll versus Accounts Payable. Is there a checklist to be followed?

A: Please refer to the W-2 (Payroll) vs. 1099 (Accounts Payable) Payment and Classification Guide (pdf).

Questions Related to Time Sheets:

Q: How should student employee time sheets be completed?

A: Detailed instructions for completing a student employee time sheet can be found here.

Q: How does the College pay for holidays and Christmas closed days, both worked and unworked?

A: A chart that highlights how to record hours for essential and non-essential employees can be found here. Please refer to section 3.14 Paid Holidays of the Policy and Procedure Manual. Additionally, please refer to the Holiday Schedule to review College-approved holidays.

Q: How does the College pay for closing or dismissing early for inclement weather or other emergency closings.

A: A chart that highlights how to record hours for essential and non-essential employees can be found here. Please refer to section 4.04 Emergency Closing Procedure, Grantham Campus or 4.05 Emergency Closing Procedure, Philadelphia Campus to determine the appropriate procedures.

Questions Related to Pay Stubs:

Q: What do all those codes mean on the paper pay stub?

A: Click here for a separate page which lists all of the codes.

Questions Related to Employee Self-Service:

Q: What is available through Employee Self-Service?

A: Click here for a separate page of questions and answers.

Questions Related to Taxes:

Q: What is the Local Services Tax (LST)?

A: This is a $52 annual tax paid to the district in which you reside. A small amount will deducted from each paycheck over the course of the entire year. For additional information, click here.

Q: When will I received my W-2 annual income statement?

A: Statements must be mailed on or before January 31. The Payroll Office usually mails them out the last week in January. You may be able to download a copy a few days earlier than you receive it in the mail. For additional information, click here.

Q: Where can I get help completing and filing my tax returns with the government?

A: Click here for a list of local service providers to help you with your taxes.

Q: Why did my taxes change?

A: In 2013: Click here for the brief payroll memo about changes (pdf). The social security tax will return to the level it was prior to it's reduction a couple of years ago. This will increase your social security tax by 2% of your gross wages.

A: In 2012: Click here for information about local tax changes for 2012 (pdf).

A: For More Information: Visit the federal, state, local and city government websites for details about tax laws. You can find links to these government web sites in the "links" page using the menu at the top of this page.

Q: How do I change my federal tax withholdings?

A: Complete a new W-4 form. Click here to download the form (pdf).

Q: Am I exempt from federal income tax withholdings?

A: IRS Publication 505 explains federal income tax withholdings in detail. It contains a flow chart which can be used to help you determine if you are eligible for a withholdings exemption.

Click here to download the flowchart only (pdf).

Click here to download the complete Publication 505 (pdf, 80 pages, 1.75 MB).

Questions Related to Child Labor Law:

Q: Where can I find summary information related to the laws for employing minors?

A: Summary Information: The Payroll Office has downloaded a few summary pages of the Pennsylvania (PA) Child and Labor laws. Here are some links.

A: Detailed Information: Complete, detailed infomation can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry website.