Nursing (B.S.N.)

Nursing Major

School of Science, Engineering and Health

Department of Nursing

Our accredited program, designed to meet the rapidly changing healthcare environment, will help you develop a broad base of scientific knowledge, excellent communication skills, critical thinking, and value-based decision-making capabilities.

As a graduate of Messiah College’s selective, demanding, yet highly rewarding nursing program, you’ll be fully prepared to enter the largest healthcare profession in the United States—one that is projected to continue to grow well into the next several decades.

We emphasize the Christian aspects of commitment, compassion, and patient care, along with rigorous scientific and theoretical studies. Then you get to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to outstanding clinical settings, such as general and specialty hospitals (including three magnet hospitals); skilled nursing facilities for long-term care; schools; churches; free clinics; nurse-managed health centers; and many more. You’ll be well prepared to pass your licensure exam the first time and begin your exciting career in nursing.

As a nursing major at Messiah College, you’ll be able to:

  • Practice life-like clinical simulations with medium and high-fidelity human simulators in state-of-the-art labs.
  • Take challenging courses such as: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, Nursing Care of the Critically Ill, Community Health Nursing, and Leadership in Nursing.
  • Pursue a career as a home health nurse, community nurse, school nurse, or a general or specialized nurse in a hospital or other healthcare settings. Or, become a missionary.
  • Go on for your advanced degree to become a nurse practitioner, clinical specialist, nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, nurse educator, administrator, or researcher.
  • Join Nurses’ Christian Fellowship, a professional organization and a ministry for nurses and nursing students that provides encouragement and support for students desiring to minister through nursing and healthcare.
  • Participate in evidence-based research projects in collaboration with regional clinical institutions.
  • Choose a community health experience to obtain certification as Intimate Partner Violence counselors.
  • Participate in regional trauma and bio-terrorism drills.
  • Join the Nurses’ Student Association that addresses current professional interests.
  • Earn a spot among the nation’s brightest nursing students in Lambda Kappa Chapter, the international nursing honor society.

Major Requirements:

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I knew Messiah College had an excellent nursing program, but this has been even more evident to me since I’ve graduated and begun my nursing career. Although I’ve learned an incredible amount of things during my first year as an R.N., I know I couldn’t have done it without an amazing foundation of nursing education from Messiah College!

-A Nursing Graduate

Department of Nursing