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Choosing a major

Choosing a Major or Minor

As you consider picking a major, begin by reviewing our Choosing a Major Guide. Our career coaches are available to guide you through this process and begin to look at career options.  Contact the CPDC or schedule your appointment online!


Additional Resources

Majors and Minors at Messiah College

FOCUS 2 Career: Online Career Planning Tool - Messiah College's primary tool for self assessment.
Although we don't offer THE TEST that will "tell you what to do the rest of your life," self-assessments can help you and your career coach identify patterns of strengths and interests.

Career Paths Associated with Academic Majors

What Can I Do With a Major In - a comprehensive look at career paths of majors and different information/strategies to reach them.


The "Choosing a Major" Guide

A helpful guide which takes you through a step by step decision-making process.