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Summer 2014 Courses

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General Chemistry II (4) This course requires a one week intensive laboratory component during the week of July 26-Aug 1 which requires students to be on campus between 9am to 5pm. If you are unable to commute, on campus housing and meal plans are available for an additional fee.

Prerequisite: CHEM 105.

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Gen. Ed. Requirement

ATED 203 Medical Terminology and Topics (2) Wendy Cheesman
BIBL 203 Encountering the Old Testament (3) Brian Smith Knowledge of the Bible
BIBL 201 Encountering the Bible (3) Emerson Powery Knowledge of the Bible
BUSA 120 Principles of Management (3) Michael Zigarelli
BUSA 305/ENGL 305 Writing for Business (3) (W) Christopher Markley Writing-enriched
CHEM 106 Alison Noble Contact instructor for information on fees and compacted lecture schedule prior to registering. CLOSED - course full
CIS 180 Introduction to Computer and Information Science (3) Gene Rohrbaugh Mathematical Sciences
CIS 181 Computer Programming I (3) David Owen Mathematical Sciences
CIS 190 Strategic Use of Information Technology (3) Bev Motich
COMM 105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (3) Kate Simcox Communication
EDUC 356 Moral Education (W) (3) Milton Gaither Ethics, Writing-enriched
ENGL 154 Introduction to Ethnic Literatures of the U.S. (3) Jennifer McFarlane-Harris Literature
ENGL 160 Introduction to World Literature (W) (3) Larry Lake CLOSED - course full
HDFS 209 Life Span Development (3) Joy Fea
HDFS 244 Human Sexuality Jennifer Ransil
HDFS 361

Introduction to Child Life (2)

Prerequisite: HDFS/PSYC 310 and concurrent registration with HDFS 362

Joan McGeary
HDFS 362

Child Life Field Experience (1)

Requires concurrent registration with HDFS 361.

Joan McGeary
HIST 141 U.S. History Survey to 1865 (3) Cathay Snyder CLOSED - course full
HPED 329 Sport in Society (3) Steven King Pluralism
IDCR 151 Created and Called for Community (3) Devin Manzullo-Thomas Created and Called
IDNW 200 Pacific Island Cultures (3) Larry Lake

Non-Western Studies

IDST 300

Genetics & Society (3)

Jim Makowski

Science, Tech., and the World

MATH 308

Differential Equations (3)

Prerequisite: MATH 211

Doug Phillippy
MUGE 218 Music Through Guitar (3) Randy Zwally Arts
MUMH 305 History of Music III (3) Tim Dixon
PHED 101 Introduction to Wellness (2) Scott Kieffer Health and Physical Fitness
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology (3) Erika Anderson Social Sciences
PSYC 209 Life Span Development (3) Joy Fea
RELI 205 Religions of the World (3) Sharon Baker Putt Religion/Philosophy
SOAN 356 Social Inequality (3) Clay Polson Pluralism

SPAN 101

Fundamentals of Spanish I (3)

Amy Ginck

Languages & Culture

SPAN 102

Fundamentals of Spanish II (3)

Amy Ginck

Languages & Culture

THEO 205 Introduction to Christian Theology (3) Sharon Baker Putt CLOSED - course full