IntelliLink Approvals

Click on the camera icon to see a screenshot of the page. Use the back arrow to return to these instructions.

Approvals must be completed by the 6th business day of the following month.

1. Log into IntelliLink
Use Internet Explorer or Firefox – Google Chrome and Safari do not work correctly.

Small camera iconUsername: Full Messiah email (example Password: This was set up by the approver. It must be at least eight characters long and include at least one capital and one lower case letter and one number.

Password: This was set up by the approver.  It must be at least eight characters long and include at least on capital and one lower case letter and one number. 

Small camera iconMemorable Word This was set up by the approver. Enter only the three characters that are requested. Click the memorable word reminder to view the question that was answered to create the memorable word.

Small camera icon2. From the homepage, click on “Approvals.”
    “Approvals” can be found on the menu on the left side of the screen.  If approvals are required, “Approvals” will be orange and flashing.

Small camera icon3. The names of any employees with transactions that must be approved will be displayed in the center of the screen. Click on the first name.

The budget manager is responsible for approving all transactions that have been allocated to an org for which they are the budget manager. Therefore, an approver may be required to approve transactions allocated by an employee for whom they are not the direct manager. Please contact P-Card Administration at extension 2211 with any questions.

Small camera icon4. The transactions allocated by that employee will now be displayed in the center of the screen.  To the right of each transaction there will be a green check mark and a red exclamation point.  Click on the green checkmark.

5. The “Transaction Details" screen will now be displayed.  The approver must verify the following information:

Small camera iconOrg Code:  Has the transaction been charge to the proper org code?
Account Code:  Has the transaction been charge to the proper account code?
Activity Code:  Has the transaction been charge to the proper activity code?
(Activity codes are not mandatory and are only used in certain departments)
Narrative Details:  Has the employee explained the 5W’s of the transaction?
(Who, What, Where, When and Why)

Small camera iconReceipt:  Has an itemized receipt or invoice, showing exactly what was purchased and how much it cost been attached to this transaction?  The total amount on the receipt/invoice must match the total amount charged.  To view the receipt, click on the green paperclip.  The image may be immediately displayed or the PDF file may have to be opened.
Small camera iconPlease note:  Between the information in the narrative details and the information on the receipt, all of the 5W questions must be answered.  These are important details that must be maintained for IRS audit purposes.


Who:  this is understood to be the employee, if the purchase was made for someone other than the employee, it should be stated **see special rules for food purchases
What:  items or services purchased, this should be listed on an itemized receipt; however a general description is appreciated
Where:  typically the location where the purchase was made, however, if traveling, the location of travel should also be included
When:  this is typically the date of purchase and can be found on the receipt, however, when travel is involved, the dates of travel should be stated
Why:  an explanation of why the purchase was made must be included

Special Rules for Food Purchases:  When food has been purchased an itemized receipt must be attached.  The receipt should show the meals purchased, not just the total amount spent.  In addition, the full name of each Messiah College employee must be listed in the narrative details.  The number of students and outside guests must be listed as well. 

Example 1:  Dinner for John Smith and Jason Kline at the CASE conference in Washington DC, 1/3/13 – 1/5/13. 
Example 2:  Dinner for Jessie Brown and the guest speaker for the “Service Opportunities” lecture being held at Messiah on 1/4/13. 
Example 3:  Lunch for Betty Jones, Sarah Smith, and 12 students attending the Religious Studies lecture in Harrisburg on 4/4/13. 

Small camera icon6. When all information has been verified, click on the “Approval” tab at the top of the screen.

Small camera icon7. Check to see if the cardholder has made any type of notes in the “Cardholder Comments” box. 

Small camera icon8. Scroll to the bottom of the box. Three options, “Information Required,”  “Approval Required,” and “Approved” are displayed with a small white circle next to each. There will be a red exclamation point in the “Approval Required” circle. 

Small camera iconIf the transaction has been correctly and completely allocated following the guidelines above:

  • Click the “Approved” circle.  A green check mark will appear in the circle. 
  • Click on “Save.” 

The transaction has been approved. 

Small camera iconIf any of the required information is incorrect or missing:
  • Click the “Information Required” circle.  A red question mark will appear in the circle.
  • Click into the “Approver Comments” box above and type a message to the cardholder explaining the problem and how it should be corrected. 
  • Click on “Save.” 

A message will be sent to the cardholder requesting that the corrections be made.  After the corrections have been completed, the approver will receive an email to inform them that the transaction is ready for approval.

9. Any remaining transactions for that employee still requiring approval will be displayed on the screen.  Follow steps 5 -8 for each transaction. 

10. When all transactions for a particular employee have been approved, follow steps 3-9 to approve transaction for remaining employees.