Information Required

(Request for further information from the approver)

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    Budget managers have two options when approving transactions.  If the transaction has     been properly allocated, appropriate narrative details provided, and an itemized receipt     attached, it will be approved.  If the transaction is missing any of these requirements,     the budget manager can request further information.  If this occurs, the cardholder will     receive an email informing them that further information has been requested.  If this     occurs, follow the instructions below:

  • Small camera iconSmall camera iconLog into IntelliLink.
  • Small camera iconClick on “Account Statements” from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Small camera iconClick on the month in which the transaction was made.
  • Small camera iconAll transactions for this month will now be displayed.  The transaction for which further information was requested will have a green checkmark and a red question mark to the right of it.  
  • Small camera iconClick on the red question mark.  Read the message in the “Approver Comments” box.
  • Small camera iconSupply the corrected information by clicking on the “Coding Tab” at the top of the screen to go to the “Transaction Details Coding Page.”  Here the org or account code can be changed, or further information can be added to the narrative details. Be sure to click on “Save” when finished. 
  • Small camera iconIf a receipt needs to be added or changed, close the “Transaction Details” box and click on, “Manage Receipt Images,” found at the bottom right of the screen.  (Upload and attach the receipt-- Follow steps 6-11.)
  • Small camera iconWhen all corrections are completed, go back to the “Approval” tab, click into the “Cardholder Comments” box and type a message letting the approver know that the corrections have been made.
  • Click on “Save.”  This step is very important and triggers the system to send an email to the approver to let them know that the transaction is now ready for approval.  Please do not skip this step.