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Student Government Association

"To represent the student body by creating an open, trusting environment for students to voice concerns and to provide them with direction for further action."


Welcome to the home of Messiah College's Student Government Association. Here you will find all the information you need to become aware of and involved in Student Government life on campus. We are the Government of the Students, and we are here for you! So send us an e-mail, write us a comment card, join the facebook group, or stop by our office in the Larsen Student Union. Let us know how we can make your student life the best it can be!

The Leadership of SGA shall have the following purpose:

" provide leadership for the student body; to promote spiritual growth; to provide opportunities for students to serve others; to support and recognize quality services and activities; and to represent students before the Administration, Faculty, Board of Trustees, and surrounding community. To provide consistent direction and unifying principles for the leadership of SGA, the following are cited as the SGA core values: Service, Intellectual Development, Spiritual Development, Leadership Development, Community Life, Resource Management, and Communication. These values shall serve as the SGA Objectives, which the leaders shall seek to uphold in accomplishing the above-stated purpose."