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Adding Supplements to Your Pages

Supplements can be built once and reused on either homepages or documents to add a consistent look and feel throughout the website. There are many different types of supplements. A common use of supplements is to add a specific navigational path to certain pages within the site.

A major benefit of using Supplements for navigational links is that if the link changes, it can be updated in the supplement and immediately changed in all pages using that supplement.

In this example, the Collaboratory|Stay Connected page has two left nav supplements: Social Media and Resources.

Click below to see how to create or add an existing left Navigational supplement to your page.

Left Navigational Supplement - Social Media and Resources
Left Navigational Supplement - Social Media and Resources
1. Open Page Supplements
2. Select Supplement type to Create
3. Add Links and Save
4. Add an existing left Navigational Supplement

Other supplement options