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Chapel at Messiah College

Chapel at Messiah College is a central expression of our identity as a community of Christians with a deep commitment to spiritual growth and academic excellence. Chapel is a required opportunity for exposure to forms of worship, various speakers and ideas which are put together with the intention of affirming our common commitments while they both reflect and challenge individual preferences in style. Though we hope that students will be challenged in their faith through chapel, we realize that spiritual nurture is ultimately a function of each person's will, preference and responsibility and cannot be subject to requirements. Chapel is required as a common experience. Spiritual nurture is each student's own responsibility.

Messiah offers a variety of different chapel experiences. Common Chapels, for the entire student body, are held in Brubaker Auditorium on Tuesday and a few Thursday mornings. Elective Chapels, which offer students a choice between liturgical worship, Bible teaching, praise and worship, mission awareness, and more, are held on the remaining Thursday mornings at the regular chapel hour. Alternate Chapels are services held at other times and planned by various student organizations and special interest groups.

Each student is required to attend 24 chapels per semester. Twelve of the chapels attended must be Common Chapels held in Brubaker Auditorium; the remainder may be Elective or Alternate chapels. Students record their chapel attendance electronically with student I.D. cards. Students who attempt to falsify chapel attendance credit will be referred to the office of Community Development for disciplinary action.

Service for Chapel (S4C)

If you are:

  • A sophomore, junior, or senior;
  • Interested in serving your local community;
  • Interested in exploring how service can be an act of worship;
  • Interested in exploring an alternate to chapel;

Then click the link to learn more about the Service for Chapel Credit program, sponsored by the Agape Center and College Ministries.

Chapel Attendance Corrections

The responsibility for verifying chapel attendance records rests with the student. Students' chapel attendance records are posted on the students' Self Serve Banner Link in MCSquare. College Ministries will activate an online chapel correction form once at the end of the semester. Please use this form to submit ALL chapel attendance corrections. Corrections are not to exceed 3 plus all 3 corrections must be made in one submission. Chapel Notice details.

Important Dates

Please take note of the following dates:

Chapel Petitions Accepted
January 9 - May 12

Chapel Listening Reports Due March 23

Alternate Chapel Requests Due March 31

Last Day to Hold Alternate Chapel April 21

Chapel Corrections Form Available May 11-15