P-Card Manual - V. Approver Procedures

V. Approver Procedures

1. The approver will determine the necessity of each card requested.

2. The approver in consultation with the P-Card Administrator will establish credit limits based on budgetary authority.

The standard limits are a credit limit of $6,000 and a single transaction limit of $3,000, however, they can be set at higher or lower amounts as needed.

3. Approvals

3.1. The approver will be given access to the online P-Card system and is responsible for approving all transactions allocated to the approver’s orgs. The approver should review the following for accuracy and completeness:

3.1.1. Transaction was properly allocated to the correct org code, account code, and if applicable, activity code
3.1.2. The merchandise was received or the service was performed
3.1.3. Verify that all charges are for authorized expenses of Messiah College according to the Purchasing Policy, the Expenditure Policy, and the Purchasing Product Matrix
3.1.4. All receipts and/or receiving documents are scanned into the online system and that the receipt and the narrative details contain the IRS required 5W’s. (Who, What, Where, When, Why)
3.1.5. Ensure that all personal charges are properly reimbursed

3.2. The approver is required to immediately contact the P-Card Administrator if there are any changes involving the cardholder’s status (i.e. termination, transfer to another department, limit changes, etc.), or if there appears to be any misuse or fraudulent use of the P-Card.

4. Fraud

4.1. If fraud or misuse is suspected, immediately contact the P-Card Administrator with the details so that they can contact the P-Card Provider to report the incident.