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FAQ about Counseling (M.A.)

For whom is the Master’s Degree in Counseling program designed?
For whom is each degree track designed?
Is the counseling program accredited?
Do I need to know which of the three tracks I plan to pursue to apply for the admittance to the counseling program?
Do I have to declare my intended timeline for completing the program when I apply? May I change my mind?
What is the difference in pace between the two-, three-, and four-year program models?
May I take longer than the four-year track to complete the program?
What are the admissions requirements?
When/how will I be notified of my acceptance into the program?
What is the cost of the program?
Is financial aid available for graduate students at Messiah?
May I transfer course credits into Messiah’s graduate program?
Who teaches Messiah’s graduate program in counseling?

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