P-Card Manual - X. Glossary of Terms

X. Glossary of Terms

5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why. These qualifiers must be explained for every transaction as required by the IRS

Account: Account code where transactions can be allocated

Delegate: Individual who has been approved to allocate/approve transactions on the behalf of another employee

Allocate: To assign a transaction an org code, an account code, and if necessary, an activity code, provide narrative details to justify the transaction and attach an itemized receipt

Approver: Formerly referred to as a Supervisor or Budget Manager. An approver is responsible for reviewing and taking the appropriate actions required for each of their assigned cardholders’ transactions.

Cardholder: Employee who has been issued a Messiah College P-Card and who has accepted the responsibility of purchasing both goods and/or services on behalf of the College.

Org: Organization code where transactions can be allocated

P-Card Administrator: Person designated to oversee the usage of P-Cards within Messiah College. They are also responsible for policy and procedures surrounding the program and providing assistance with the IntelliLink System.

P-Card: Purchasing card, issued by Messiah College to individuals with responsibilities for purchasing goods and/or services or traveling for the College.