Camp Employees

Forms and Documents

The information below is available here for use by camp workers only and must be reviewed/completed by every camp employee who is not already an active employee with Messiah College.

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Background Checks

Student and Non-Student Employees
Employee Policy & Procedure Manual Employment

Policies & Procedures Acknowledgement Forms

Policy/Forms Agreement 03/2014
Messiah College Employee Manual Contents 03/2014
Commitment to Confidentiality 03/2014
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 03/2014
Drug-Free Acknowledgement and Agreement 03/2014
Weapon-Free Workplace Policy 03/2014
Hazard Communication General Awareness 03/2014
Lock Out / Tag Out General Awareness 03/2014
Bloodborne Pathogens General Awareness 03/2014
Access to Exposure and Medical Records 03/2014
Workers' Compensation -- Employee Acknowledgement 03/2014
Tax-Related Please visit the Payroll Office website for these forms.