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higher ed grad - Zook internshipThe internships in the Master of Arts in Higher Education advance several objectives. The internship is an opportunity to build professional capacity and marketability. For many students, this means completing their internship in an area where they see themselves potentially serving in higher education. For other students who are currently serving professionally or as graduate assistants, the internship is an opportunity to broaden experience.

HIED 562: Internship in Higher Education is a part of the Capstone that is required of all students. Alongside the experience itself, HIED 562 is an online course that provides HIED students with the opportunity to reflect on their educational practice and to identify avenues for professional development. Finally, in the context of HIED 562, students reflect on the learning outcomes of the higher education program and evaluate their progress on these outcomes.

HIED 563: Internship ll in Higher Education is a semester long supervised field experience of 120 hours in a setting consistent with the students’ professional and educational goals. Oversight is given by Higher Education faculty in a directed study format.

The internship site application must be submitted for approval in order to register for the internship course. The application leads to approval of both the site and the internship site supervisor, and a resume of the site supervisor is required as part of the application. The application asks the student to identify the rationale for this site as it relates to the students’ educational and professional aims.

Plan ahead! Site applications are due:

Fall Semester internship applications are due August 15
Spring Semester internship applications are due December 1
Summer Semester internship applications are due April 15

The application will be reviewed by the Program Director in consultation with the students’ academic advisor. Upon approval, the student will be granted permission by the Program Director to enroll in the Internship course. It is the student's responsibility to secure an approved site and Site Supervisor. Messiah’s Higher Education faculty can assist students in finding a site. The HIED Program also maintains a representative list of previous internship sites that may be helpful.