Employee Testimonials - Nance McCown

Nance McCown

Nance McCown

Associate Professor of Communication; Department Chair

"It may sound corny, but I love working at Messiah College because I truly believe in its mission. I consider it both a privilege and a pleasure to interact with our students as they grow in their understanding of how to live purposefully, maturing as leaders and peacemakers, deepening their knowlege, and stretching their faith. I also see that mission lived out as I work side by side with colleagues across campus.

The positive atmosphere, caring support, challenges for growth, and just plain fun that I experience through my work relationships makes managing the juggle of job, family, church, and volunteer activities less stressful and extremely enjoyable.

I remember hearing a chapel speaker challenge her audience to identify our gifts and passions, and then find someone to pay us to pursue those. It also helps if the place where we're pursuing those aligns with our values and supports us. At Messiah College, I've been blessed to find that happy combination!"