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Collaboratory at Messiah College

Collaboratory at Messiah College

Students, Professionals, and Partners from Multiple Disciplines Collaborating to Increase Hope and Transform Lives



We believe a better world is possible by equipping the next generation now with a space for real-world application of professional disciplines, Christian discipleship, and partnership with the poor in a collaborative struggle for justice.


Increasing Hope and Transformation

Through Collaborative and Multi-Disciplinary Projects

Collab Advancement
Advancement: Promoting and enhancing Collaboratory operations
Collab Water
Water: Facilitating sustainable water solutions
Infrastructure: Developing structures to advance communities
Collab Disability
Disability Resources: Empowering persons with physical disabilities
Collab Energy
Energy: Implementing renewable energy technologies
Collab Econ
Economic Empowerment: Fostering economic development
Education: Empowering lives through academic engagement
Collab Transportation
Transportation: Simplifying transportation to combat global complexity
Collab Communications
Communications Technology: Designing systems to foster communication

Fostering Student Development

Though Real-World Application and Christian Discipleship

Disciplinary application
Spiritual Formation