Policy and Procedure Manual Introduction

This Policy and Procedure Manual is for all Messiah College employees and supersedes all previous editions. All employees are subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy and Procedure Manual. Employees are also subject to the terms and conditions of the Community of Educators (COE) Handbook if applicable for their employment classification.

This manual provides policies and procedures to establish a standard that guides how we conduct ourselves as employees including how we work, interact with others and manage the business of the College. The policies contained in this manual are in keeping with the values and goals of the college.

The College is committed to fair and equitable treatment of its employees in accordance with established polices; thus the Policy Manual is designed to be the primary reference document for communicating and interpreting human resources policies, programs, and procedures to Messiah College employees. Separate documents/pamphlets with respect to the operation or administration of human resources-related functions and programs may be distributed to augment the provisions of this manual.

Departmental documents must be consistent with this manual unless approval is granted by the Vice President for Human Resources and Compliance. This manual supersedes all inconsistent communications as well as prior personnel policies and procedures. No provisions in this manual should be construed as an implied or expressed contract or guarantee of employment by the College.

It is the practice of the College to process substantive changes in these policies through our governance process. However, the College reserves the right to interpret, alter, reduce, or eliminate any practice, policy or benefit, in whole or in part, where changes in law or other circumstances render changes in the policy necessary to the welfare of the College. As changes are made in policies, the appropriate pages in the manual will be brought up to date. A detailed log of these changes is maintained with the manual. The Policy and Procedure Manual is maintained by the Office of Human Resources.

In addition to materials contained in this manual, employees receive a copy of Essential Commitments. This booklet presents several important statements, including the identity and mission, foundational values, statements of faith and community covenant. The College Charter, Bylaws, and the Covenant between Messiah College and the Brethren in Christ Church also include information which may be of interest to College employees; copies of these documents are available in the Office of the President or in the Office of Human Resources. Additional information about the College can also be found at About Messiah.