Expenditure Policy - 5.3 Travel Expenses 1 - Overnight and Air

5.3 A, B and C - Travel Expenses

A. Overnight Travel
All overnight travel for conferences, conventions, staff training, workshops, and seminars require prior written approval of the employee’s supervisor.  Employees are not permitted to travel to countries with travel warnings unless Messiah’s Risk Management Committee grants an exception. If employees extend their travel for personal reasons, they must pay for the difference between the total cost and the cost that would have been incurred solely for business purposes.

B. Reservations
Travelers should make reservations as early as possible to take advantage of advance purchase discounts.

C. Air Travel
All travel should be by the most direct, economical, and usually traveled route.  The traveler must request the least expensive air fare available that is both reasonable and consistent with the purpose of the trip.  

  1. College’s Preferred Travel Agency: Employees are encouraged, but not required, to use the College’s Preferred Travel Agency  when making travel arrangements, especially if the travel arrangements have the possibility of being changed or cancelled. (For a list of preferred vendors please reference the Procurement Website.)
  2. Other Travel Arrangements:  On-line travel services may be used if rates are economical, but travelers should be aware of all refund and reservation change fees when purchasing specially discounted airfares from on-line travel agencies.  
  3. Schedule Changes:  Any expenses related to changes in travel plans caused by family emergencies must be documented and approved by the employee’s supervisor.  Employees are responsible for ensuring any credit vouchers issued are for future business purposes.  Supervisors are accountable to ensure all travel by employees, regardless of payment method, is used for business purposes.
  4.  Documentation and Reimbursement:  The employee must provide an original ticket (less the tear-off receipt required for boarding), original passenger receipt, or original boarding pass from the airline as proof of travel. Travelers should note that the College will not reimburse any air fare purchased with personal funds until the related travel is completed.
  5. Insurance:  Flight insurance is covered under the College’s standard life insurance policy when traveling on College business.  Any additional flight insurance coverage purchased by the employee is not reimbursable.  
  6. Frequent Flier:  Airline mileage earned in the conduct of College business is credited to the employee; however, participation in these programs must not, in any way, influence flight selection for College business.  Airline travel voucher and frequent flier mileage are not reimbursable to employees for travel in connection with College business.  The College does not purchase airline voucher or coupons from employees.