Expenditure Policy - 5.3 Travel Expenses 2 - Lodging

5.3 D - Travel Expenses

D.    Lodging
The actual cost of a room when an employee attends a conference and obtains overnight accommodations at a hotel where the conference is being held (or an alternative hotel of equal or lesser cost), will be paid by the College.  Costs to upgrade rooms are not acceptable expenditures and will not be paid with institutional funds.  
A single room should be booked for all hotel stays.  When two or more travelers are traveling together, each will be entitled to their own room.  When lodging is shared with others, the College will pay for the employee’s share of the cost.

If a scheduled trip is cancelled, it is the traveler’s responsibility to cancel the hotel room.  Any expenses for hotel cancellations will not be paid with institutional funds unless the cancellation was beyond the traveler’s control, and the cancellation event occurred too late to receive a refund.  If the cancellation was due to a family or work emergency, the incident must be documented and approved by the employee’s supervisor.