Expenditure Policy - 5.3 Travel Expenses 5 - Meals, Registrations and Special Funding

5.3 G, H and I - Travel Expenses

G.    Travel Related Business Meals
Meals for employees who are traveling overnight for College business are acceptable expenditures and should be paid with College funds.  Payment or reimbursement is made using the “Actual Expense Method”, however actual expenses should not exceed the following:
Meal Guidelines (including gratuity):
  • Breakfast=$10.00  
  • Lunch=$15.00
  • Dinner=$25.00

H.    Registrations
Registration fees for conventions, workshops, or official meetings are acceptable institutional expenses.  An invoice must be submitted with the check request or credit card statement, or an original receipt must be submitted along with the either the Travel Expense Report Form or the Expense Report Form to receive reimbursement.

I.    Special Funding for Travel
A travel event that is funded by a sponsored grant or contract must receive approval from the designated person(s) responsible for grant compliance prior to making any arrangements.  This will ensure that the travel arrangements are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the grant contract or authorizing agency.