Employee and Student Reimbursements

Occasionally it is necessary for an employee/student to purchase an item using personal funds and then request reimbursement from the College.  Please read Purchasing Policy Section 5.4 for a list of circumstances when this is acceptable.  The required form must be completed and signed by the appropriate budget manager.  A scanned copy of the form along with  receipts/supporting documentation must be forwarded to accountspayable@messiah.edu.  Reimbursement will be made by direct deposit for all employees and students whenever possible. 
All requests should be submitted within five days of travel or purchase but no later than 30 days following travel or purchase.  This is especially important at the end of the fiscal year (June 30th).  All requests must be made no later than July 15th.  Requests made after this date will be denied reimbursement. 

Please remember that Messiah College is a tax exempt organization.  When purchasing on behalf of Messiah College no sales tax should be paid.  Please be sure to provide our Tax Exemption Form to the supplier.

Form links:

Mileage Reimbursement Form

Expense Reporting Form

Employee Travel Expenses Form

Non-Employee Travel Expenses Form

    Student or Employee Honorariums/Stipends – processed thorough the Payroll Department Please read Employee Policy & Procedure Manual, Section 1.38.07
    Human Resources Benefits, Graduate and Tuition Assistance Requests  - processed thorough Human Resources
    Students and employees who own their own business and provide goods or services to the College are treated as outside contractors.  Please contact Payroll.