Expenditure Policy - 5.8 Electronic Devices

5.8 Electronic Devices

A. Hardware Purchases: All electronic devices (such as, but not limited to, computers, IPADS, external hard drives, including thumb and flip drives are required to be purchased through the IT department so that proper security features can be added to the hardware to protect College owned data. Cell phone and smart phone purchases must follow the Cell Phone and Data Plan Policy. For this policy they are not considered electronic device hardware purchases.

B. Ownership and Funding: All electronic devices purchased with Messiah funds are the property of Messiah College and must be returned to the College when a person is no longer an employee or employed in a position that required the electronic device. Messiah funding sources include departmental operating and non-operating budgets, gifts and grants, and IT departmental funds.

a. Exception: Hardware that is purchased with Provost dedicated Faculty Development Funds must be purchased through the IT department, but is considered personal property of the faculty member. However, if a faculty member leaves the College’s employment within three (3) months of purchasing an electronic device they will be required to either return the product or reimburse the College for the full price of the hardware purchase as well as the purchase of programs and/or “apps” associated with the device purchased.

C. Data Plans: The College offers wireless access to all employees while they are working on campus; therefore data plans associated with the purchase of hardware purchases listed above are only permitted to be paid for using College funds if the employee travels extensively and is regularly out of the office. All data plans being paid for with Messiah funds are required to be pre-approved by the Vice President/Provost and must be reviewed on an annual basis. Please reference the Cell Phone and Data Plan Policy for cell phone data plans.

D. Software Programs: Software programs are permitted to be purchased with College funds if there is a bona fide business related need for the program. All software program purchases are required to be purchased in consultation with the IT department. All software contracts must be approved and signed by the CIO or designee. The College will not be held liable for software program contracts signed by non-authorized employees.

E. “Apps”: “Apps” for Ipads are permitted to be purchased with College funds if the “app” is business related. All “app” purchases are required by IRS regulations to be documented for business use.