Expenditure Policy - 5.9 Printing and Photocopying

5.9 Printing and Photocopying

  1. College Press: All printing, copying and mailing on behalf of Messiah College must be purchased through the Messiah College Press, Messiah College Postal Services, and Messiah College Faculty Services. These departments are committed to efficient customer service and quality printing, copying and mailing products. To that end they strive to maintain the most effective technology and production hours to meet customer expectations.
  2. Personal Use: College printers, photo copiers, and other office equipment are provided to employees for the conduct of College business. Therefore personal use should be limited and employees should reimburse the institution at $.10 per photo copy or page printed at the Business Office counter. Discounted prices are available with the use of your Falcon Card at all photocopy machines equipped with a card reader.