Expenditure Policy - 5.10 Memberships and Subscriptions

5.10  Memberships and Subscriptions

The College will pay for an employee’s membership to a professional organization or subscription to a professional journal only when the membership or subscription is critical to the employee’s job responsibilities at the College. Wherever feasible, memberships and subscriptions should be placed in the name of Messiah College, rather than the name of an individual employee. Memberships and subscriptions should be paid with the College’s purchasing card whenever possible. In cases where the purchasing card is not accepted, the issuance of a check using a properly approved check request form is available. With the exception of those reimbursed through Faculty Development, fees for memberships and subscriptions should not be paid directly by the employee and will not be reimbursed to an employee through an expense report. Membership fees to discount stores are not an acceptable business expense unless the membership is in the name of the College and available for general use by employees of the College.