Expenditure Policy - 6 Definitions

6 Definitions

Institutional funds – All funds available to the college received from internal and external sources. The only exclusion is agency funds.

Agency funds - Funds which establish a fiduciary relationship between an institution and another organization. Agency funds may include student campus organizations. (All Funds listed under fund type is 83-Agency Funds.)

Hosting – The institution or an employee serves as host for official guests of the institution. Some hosting is considered “public relations”.

Unit or departmental staff retreat – A staff retreat has a written agenda with a clear business purpose, list of attendees with departmental affiliation, and is held away from the normal work location.

Conference or workshop – Organized training sponsored by the college which includes non-employees. Generally a registration fee is charged to the attendees.

Training event – Formal training (dissemination of information) to employees or volunteers and the location is away from the place where the employee normally performs his/her work.

Recognition event – An event that formally recognizes volunteers or students for specific accomplishment. This does not include retirement events/celebrations or other employee recognition.

Departmental meeting - Regularly scheduled staff, faculty, student government or other student group meeting.

Employee working meal - Attendance must be required and business must be actively conducted during the meal period, as documented in the meeting agenda. The meal takes place in a clear business setting. The meal is usually served at a College location. Generally, a working meal at a local restaurant would not be appropriate. Use by the department should be infrequent.

Official guests – An official guest is a person, not an employee of Messiah College, invited to a College facility or function for a specific purpose that benefits the institutional mission. Official guests include, but are not limited to, candidates to fill positions, dignitaries, guest speakers, prospective students, and donors of time, services, information, funds, or property.

Meal – Food and beverages provided at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It does not include alcoholic beverages.

Light refreshments – Beverages such as coffee, tea, bottled water, juice, soda. Food items such as fruit, cookies, pastries, chips, etc. are also considered refreshments when not served as part of a meal.

Gratuity – An amount paid over and above the price of the meal in recognition of the service received.

Receipt, itemized – Document which itemizes what was received and the cost of each individual item. A “tear tag” showing only the total charge is not a receipt. Credit card charge slips can be used only if they provide the detailed itemization to qualify as a receipt. Receipts are required for reimbursement. No exceptions.