Accepted Students

The application is complete. The awaited acceptance letter has arrived. You’re at a critical decision-making point in your college search. Will you take the next step and pay your deposit, signaling your commitment to make Messiah College home for your college experience? We hope you will.

Are you ready to be transformed? 

Did you know that nearly 90 percent of students say their Messiah experience has been transformative? They rave about the opportunities to serve, travel, learn, worship, perform and play. Messiah students make friends that last a lifetime. They gain new perspectives and insights. They get great jobs (96 percent of the class of 2012 had jobs or were enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation).

For a majority of students who enroll here, Messiah is their first choice. We hope you’ll make us your first and only choice; we would love to welcome you and your family to the Messiah College community!

Move-In Day

“If I wear a Messiah t-shirt anywhere, alumni will come up and shake my hand and talk to me about the school. This has happened a couple of times.”

~student survey participant