an ethic ofservanthood

Each student brings a rich perspective — his or her own color — and, at Messiah, those colors are celebrated, appreciated, and, while remaining distinct, are crafted together like a strong and splendid stained glass window.

blue glass bar

humility aspiration
At Messiah,
we ask the question:
Why am I doing what I’m doing?

The answer gets us up in the morning and keeps us going late at night.

Our achievements are an offering to God.
We hone our gifts,
because the more capable we become, the more powerfully we serve.

At Messiah everyone reaches high. And yet, the focus rarely falls on achievement itself. Professors and students with tremendous ability and impressive accomplishments convey a remarkable spirit — a joyous intention to use their gifts to better the lives of others.

For a Messiah student, sharpening athletic skills or gaining a fluent command of French isn’t about competition or getting the grade. It’s about something far richer — opening a doorway into meaningful vocation — preparing to do God’s work in the world.