Craig Dalen

Craig DalenDirector of Sustainability, Adjunct Instructor- Sustainability Studies

Craig leads the environmental sustainability program at Messiah College, directing the campus strategic planning process and program development related to waste diversion, energy reduction, biodiversity rehabilitation and community engagement. From these efforts, the college now inventories and publicly reports greenhouse gas emissions, systematically works to reduce institutional environmental impacts, and prioritizes natural resource management. Craig is also an adjunct instructor in the department of Biological Sciences and the Sociology/Anthropology department and advises the Urban and Community Development concentration of the Sustainability Studies major. 

Craig draws widely from his graduate work from Temple University in organizational development coupled with his ten years of leadership experience in non-profit and higher education sectors.  Additionally, his international travel covering 5 continents informs his work domestically.  Craig’s research interests deal with integrating sustainability thinking and practice into organizational culture.

Craig, his wife, Tashya, and little girl, Naomi, live in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where they exhibit their passion for restoring old things and cultivating weary soil by renovating an old home and growing an edible garden. 

2013-2014 Courses

BIO 216 Environmental Issues and Sustainable Solutions
A broad interdisciplinary examination of the issues surrounding environmental sustainability and stewardship. The course includes an examination of the scientific method as it applies to the study of ecosystem structure and function. Ethics, economics and public policy are examined as they relate to resource use, population growth, food production, pollution, biodiversity protection, and energy consumption. Central to the discussion are Judeo-Christian perspectives on environmental stewardship as they pertain to responsible/sustainable living. Meets General Education Science, Technology, and the World requirement.

SOAN 305 Harrisburg Neighborhoods
An experientially based introduction to city life, with special emphasis on neighborhood and other local political and social organization. Students will work on team-building and personal spiritual formation while exploring possibilities for personal roles in urban settings. Most of the learning involves ethnographic research projects in Harrisburg. Meets General Education Social Sciences requirement.