life-changing insight

Each student brings a rich perspective — his or her own color — and, at Messiah, those colors are celebrated, appreciated, and, while remaining distinct, are crafted together like a strong and splendid stained glass window.

green glass bar

discovery belief

I welcome arguments, as it leads to a renewed view of my own beliefs, and a new look into another's viewpoint, but that I can learn from or later agree with. The typical classroom at Messiah facilitiates this beautifully.

junior student

Messiah has been integral in forming my faith. It has challenged and supported me to figure out why I hold specific beliefs. It has formed me into the intellectual faith-driven woman that I am.

—senior student

From the gathering of hundreds together in chapel to a few bowed heads in a life-group Bible study, Messiah College is a community of faith, pausing frequently in many ways to anchor all teaching and learning in God.

The life of learning is not set aside for worship, but continues there, perhaps even more intensely.

In worship and dialogue, questions and even uncertainties, can lead to a deeper faith. And deeper faith
leads in turn to deeper commitments.