hospitality for the whole person

Each student brings a rich perspective — his or her own color — and, at Messiah, those colors are celebrated, appreciated, and, while remaining distinct, are crafted together like a strong and splendid stained glass window.

red glass bar

work play

The atmosphere — meaning the people and classes — are one in which I can grow intellectually and spiritually. It is very challenging, which is what I wanted, but at the same time, I can still have fun and have new experiences.

first-year student

What I realize now, after attending for a year, is that community is the most valuable thing a school has to offer and I see no other school as intentional about that.


—sophomore student

Research, study, volunteer service, internships… There’s
no getting around it: having the best college experience is hard work. All the more reason to discover Messiah’s many resources for recreation.

With sports, concerts, films, clubs, the Yellow Breeches creek and more, we use the facilities and the great outdoors on our 471 acres well. And more opportunities abound in the urban environment of our Philadelphia campus. But there’s still room for peace and quiet!

Living on Messiah's campus is more than a matter of convenience; it’s a matter of community. Growing together as disciples includes the fellowship of playing together as friends.