Step 2 - File Your FAFSA

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The Seven Steps to Financial Aid

Step 2 - Fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Complete your FAFSA now at FAFSA on the Web

  • This step should be completed if you want to apply for need-based financial aid, which includes most of the federal and state programs.  Also, you cannot receive the Messiah College Grant without filing the FAFSA.
  • When asked for the school code, please enter Messiah College’s code: 003298.
  • If you decide that you do not want to proceed with applying for need-based financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office to have this requirement waived on your record.  Otherwise, we'll keep sending you emails to remind you to do this.

The FAFSA is used to apply for:

  • The Federal Pell Grant and to determine eligibility for:
  • Federal Work-Study - Check “Yes” for question 31 (“Are you interested in being considered for work-study?”). Indicating an interest in student employment will not decrease your grants or scholarships.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (no separate application necessary)
  • Federal Perkins Loan (no separate application necessary)
  • Federal Stafford Loans (automatically added to your financial aid package when you file a FAFSA.) Student loans will not decrease your grants or scholarships.
  • Federal PLUS Loan
  • Federal TEACH Grants
  • State Grants (some require separate application)
  • Messiah College grants and scholarships based on financial need (no separate application necessary)

First Time FAFSA Filers

The FAFSA will require your tax information for the year that has just passed.  If you filed your taxes more than two weeks before completing your FAFSA, you should be able to roll your tax data right into your FAFSA using the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT).  If, for any reason, the DRT doesn't work for you, make sure you have a copy of the tax information for both you and your parents.  This will help you to quickly and accurately complete your FAFSA.

Renewing your FAFSA (for continuing students)

Any current student who filed a FAFSA for the previous year will receive a reminder to complete the Renewal Application on-line. The on-line Renewal Application contains the information that the student entered on the previous year’s application. The student simply needs to update any items that have changed.  Renewal applicants should also use the DRT to roll tax data into the FAFSA.  This will result in the quickest and smoothest filing process.

NOTE: Previous school codes will not be rolled over; please enter Messiah College’s code: 003298.