Step 6 - Receive your Financial Aid Package

Students at the mailboxes

When your financial aid package is completed and ready to review, we will send you an email at your Messiah College email account.  This email will not contain your actual financial aid package, but will give you instructions on how to access your award in our secure web portal, MCSquare.

Once you have accessed your award notice in MCSquare, you will need to follow these steps:

1.   Step One: Review Your Award

On the Award Overview tab, learn how your financial aid is calculated and what aid we can offer you.

2.   Step Two: Complete Any Questions

On the Resources/Additional Information tab you need to complete any questions before you may continue to the next tab.

3.   Step Three: Accept Your Terms and Conditions

On the Terms and Conditions tab, read and accept the Terms & Conditions for receiving aid. No aid (merit or need based) will be applied toward your bill until you have accepted these terms and conditions.

4.   Step Four: Accept Your Financial Aid Award

On the Accept Award Offer tab you need to Accept or Decline any financial aid that is in Offered Status. To change an award that is already in Accepted or Declined status or make changes to an individual term amount, please contact our office.

5.   Step Five: Review Special Messages Related To Your Aid

On the Special Messages tab you learn about the next steps in the Financial Aid process and important information specific to your aid.  On this tab you can also complete the What Do I Owe worksheet to calculate your actual out of pocket costs after your financial aid.