HIED 562 Description



Alongside the experience itself, HIED 562 is an online course that provides HIED students with the opportunity to reflect on their educational practice and to identify avenues for professional development. Finally, in the context of HIED 562, students reflect on the learning outcomes of the higher education program and evaluate their progress on these outcomes.


Course Description 

The internship is a supervised field experience of 120 hours set over 16 weeks (fall/spring) or 14 weeks (summer) in a setting consistent with the students’ professional and educational goals. The internship experience is designed to enhance students’ professional capacities in higher education. Students will assume administrative responsibilities at a college, a university, or another higher education organization, under the supervision of an accomplished professional in the field. These responsibilities must be graduate-level in scope and represent new learning for the student. Students will engage in academic and professional reflection. Prerequisites: completion of 18 HIED credit hours including HIED 511 and 3 credits in the HIED area of concentration. The course syllabus can be found on the Course Schedule page.

Site Selection Process 

It is the responsibility of the student to secure an approved site and Site Supervisor.  



The Internship Site Application (found on the forms page) is to be completed by:

August 15th for Fall Semester Internship
December 1st for Spring Semester Internship
April 15th for Summer Internship




Additional Guidelines can be found here.