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Linking to a PDF or Word Doc.

PDFs (Portable Document Format) are a great way to provide a long document which can be viewed in any browser and on any computer.  We recommend linking to PDFs rather than Word documents, as PDFs can be viewing cross platform.

How to do it:

  1. Save your document as a PDF. Suggestion: use “Optimize for minimum size” when people will view the document and “Standard” when people will print it out, like for a form.
  2. Copy or save it to the correct folder.  All PDF and other documents for the web will be stored on the W drive in the documents folder.  Web services will set up a subfolder for your department or area. 
  3. Link to your PDF in that folder.  Your address will be /documents/mydepartment/filename.ext Or possibly /documents/mydepartment/subfolder/filename.ext.  Contact Web Services for the correct link to use.

Link to the file in Jadu:

  1. Find your web page and click on the wrench to edit the content block where the link should go.
  2. Type in the text or highlight the existing text that visitors will click on to open the PDF.
  3. Click on the link button (globe with link)
  4. Paste the link into the Web or Email Address window.
  5. Click insert link.

Anytime you make an update to that PDF, overwrite the existing file in your W:/docs/documents/mydepartment/ directory, and you won’t need to change the link on your webpage.  If you are archiving your pdfs, then you will want to rename the file and you will need to relink on your webpage.