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Campus Tour

Campus Tour

Check out this video as you prepare to give campus tours: Tour Training Video

On an Open House day, your tour will begin in Brubaker Auditorium. After your group is dismissed, find a spot that you can form a group to make introductions before you leave Eisenhower.

Briefly go through introductions (yourself and the group) and start to get to know the people on your tour. Ask students to share their name, year, major interest and hometown.

Give the college profile to set the tone:

  • Christian college of the liberal and applied arts and sciences  
  • 2800 students, 471 acre campus
  • Old Main is the original building, founded in 1909

Our Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to educate men and women toward maturity of intellect, character and Christian faith in preparation for lives of service, leadership and reconciliation in church and society.

Make sure you speak loudly and clearly. Tell everyone that you’ll be happy to answer individual questions as we walk, but promise that you won’t say anything that everyone will want to hear until you stop and address the entire group. SMILE!!!