Parents- Online Portal Access

Online Services for Parents and Families

While your student is attending Messiah College, he or she can request a username/password be created for you so that you can access selected information online. Once you have that username/password, you can access any of the following online functions with that username/password.

Self-Service Banner

This is where you can access student records for your son or daughter attending Messiah College. Only selected information is available, and only the information that your son or daughter has explicitly shared with you will be shown.

Change Your Password

Click here to change your Messiah password. Your Messiah password should be changed every six months. Change it today if you haven't changed it for a while.

Security Questions

This is where you can set up and review your security questions. Security questions allow you to recover access to your account if you've forgotten your password. You should define at least five security questions to ensure access to your account should you ever forget your password.