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Department of Business

Department of Business

As a Christian business program, we believe that we honor God by preparing our graduates with a world class education that enables them to compete with graduates from other top business programs in the country.  We wrap everything we do in faith, which differentiates our graduates as ethical employees and entrepreneurs who are able to utilzie their careers to bring glory to God.

We have 12 full-time faculty members who are experts in their various fields, who train, equip, and disciple students.

We want you to become a member of our family, so we hope that you find the various pages on our website helpful.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Department Chair, Dr. Andrew Babyak


Messiah College #1 on the list of top ten best Christian Colleges for Business

Christian Universities Online (CUO) is happy to present the Top 10 Business Degree Programs for 2017. More than just a census of business degree programs available, CUO has used other standard criteria to finalize this ranking.  Our desire is to help guide the prospective student in their decision as they pursue shaping the corporate culture or launching a small business of their own.

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The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) 2016 CPA Exam Results

Messiah graduates reach a new high for 2016!

In 2016, Messiah students' CPA exam pass rate was 83.8% (the national average was only 54.4%)! This means that Messiah's accounting program ranked #1 in Pennsylvania (out of 74 programs), #1 for medium-sized programs in the nation (out of 294 programs), and #10 in the nation overall (out of 858 programs)!




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Business professors by day. Authors by night.

Livia Ungurean

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

Within the past year, Messiah College business professors David Hagenbuch, Keith Quesenberry and Michael Zigarelli took the challenge to write books that have never been written before.

Business professors holding their published book.

“Soccer Field, Mission Field” Photo of "Soccer Field, Mission Field" book

Michael Zigarelli, professor of leadership and strategy and author of “Soccer Field, Mission Field,” also the coach for the Messiah Men’s Club Soccer team struggled to find resources about how to use soccer as a platform for internal and external ministry. That frustration gave rise to his book idea.

“As a soccer coach, I needed straightforward advice and some inspiration from experts—coaches who had been experimenting with this approach for years. I couldn’t find that book. So as a leadership professor, I did the research to write it,” he said.

That research entailed interviewing 100 Christians who coach soccer at the high school, college or professional level. The result was a book of principles and practical suggestions that are transferable to any team at any level. His book includes sections on the philosophy of coaching, inventing the culture, instilling the culture, and reinforcing the culture.



Photo of "Social Media Strategy" book."Social Media Strategy"

Keith Quesenberry, assistant professor of marketing, is the author of “Social Media Strategy,” a guide to practicing marketing, advertising and public relations in a world of social media-empowered consumers. Quesenberry describes this book as a “roll-up-your-sleeves field guide to sound social media strategy that draws from the best in academic research and professional business practice.” This book was designed for a dual audience: professors who want to teach social media strategy in their marketing, advertising or public relations classrooms, and business, marketing and communication professionals who are looking to integrate social media into their current effort and put together a social media plan.

Quesenberry’s book takes a deep dive into the world of social media options, as well as the process to create a social strategy that is integrated and successful.



"Honorable Influence"Photo of "Honorable Influence" book.

Professor of Marketing David Hagenbuch authored “Honorable Influence,” which explores marketing through the lens of Christianity. Hagenbuch strategizes how marketers can avoid negative impact, and instead influence consumers to their benefit.

“Our world needs more marketers who take very seriously the persuasive power they hold and who seek to use it in ways that genuinely benefit others,” he stated. This book uniquely challenges marketing morality to ensure that the field makes a positive impact and influence on society, more importantly it guides readers to use marketing to show love to God and others.“Honorable Influence” takes a look at the seven sins of influence and how they affect the church, the workplace and beyond.


These Messiah faculty take their perspective in areas of interest and expertise beyond the classroom. Even if you’re not on the soccer field coaching, or in marketing navigating your way through the madness of society, these books are a great source of understanding the impact of influence as a successful tool in leadership.


You can find these books on Amazon, or click the link below.

“Soccer Field, Mission Field”-

“Social Media Strategy”-

“Honorable Influence”-