Mission & Objectives

Mission of the graduate nursing program

The Master of Science Degree in Nursing (MSN) program at Messiah College is designed to prepare nurses for leadership and service within a Christian worldview in all aspects of the nurse educator role. Graduates of the MSN program will be prepared for roles as nurse educators in academia and practice. 

The profession of nursing is one of service to others in being leaders and change agents in supporting healthcare initiatives. Some of these initiatives include making healthcare accessible to diverse populations, promoting wellness and disease prevention, and providing compassionate care across the lifespan (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2011, p. 2). Graduates of the MSN degree program at Messiah College will be prepared to contribute to the current need for qualified nurse educators who will lead, educate, and mentor students of nursing to help fulfill the healthcare initiatives set forth by the IOM and the clinical nurse educator in nursing practice.

Program objectives for the graduate nursing program

  • Prepare master’s level professional nurses to provide leadership and service in promoting quality, holistic nursing care in advanced nursing roles.
  • Provide a learning environment where a Christian worldview of service and leadership is integrated toward a culture of excellence for life-long learning.
  • Promote evidence-based knowledge for integration across learning environments and the healthcare system.
  • Provide an educational foundation for doctoral study.
  • Provide an environment for graduate faculty that encourages effective teaching, scholarship, service, and practice.