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At the Messiah College Department of Management & Business, our mission is to graduate excellent students of exemplary character who have a Christian worldview, a global perspective, and a passion to serve Christ in the marketplace and the world.

That's more than a public relations statement and more than a tool for goal setting or decision-making. Rather, it's primarily a profession of faith -- an outward sign of the inward reality that we serve God by serving students. That is our passion and our privilege.

The mission statement also points to the four distinctives that you can expect from this program: Academic excellence, a Christian worldview, a global perspective, and a priority on job placement. Upon graduation, Messiah business students possess the skills desired by the world's leading organizations and are motivated and empowered by their love for God and neighbor. Moreover, they enter the marketplace thinking globally and entrepreneurially, with confidence to work across cultures, to create new organizations, or to innovate within existing ones.

This is a rigorous program so if you come, be prepared to work hard. Be prepared to learn from engaging but challenging faculty, as well as from your talented peers. Most of all, be prepared not just for training, but for transformation.

Please take a few minutes to explore the M&B Web site, to read about the faculty and the programs, to watch a video or two, to hear from our alumni, and to reflect on whether this is the program for you. May God grant you wisdom, peace and discernment throughout this exciting time of transition!