Benefits for Students


  • Boost your maturity and self-confidence
  • Enjoy a greater clarity about career decisions
  • Improve your human relations skills
  • Prepare for life after graduation
  • Integrate your faith and values with work
  • (click the photo to see what recent students have done)
  • Integrate classroom theory with real-life experiences
  • Understand the relevance of your course work
  • Increase your motivation to learn
  • Use resources that are not available on campus
kayla davidson student intern

  • Explore a potential career field
  • Develop career-related skills and abilities
  • Observe professional people and behavior
  • Build a network of professional contacts, potentially developing mentoring relationships
  • Gain a competitive edge for employment or graduate school admission


  • Approximately 50% of all interns receive some form of compensation
  • Subsidize tuition costs or use for transportation expenses

Worth Noting: According to the 2010 Student Survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, students who have internship experience are offered a starting salary that is, on average, 17% higher than students without experience.   Internships are a smart strategy!

Why Experience An Internship For Academic Credit?
1) Gain access to selective internship sites
2) Many sites require academic accountability
3) Think about, and develop, personal and professional skills which will help you succeed in your career and lifelong learning
4) Open doors to graduate school by having an internship recorded on your transcript
5) Protect yourself legally under the college's liability policy
6) Process opportunities and challenges through personal interaction with peers and faculty
7) Develop a Masterwork Portfolio, which highlights your self-directed learning ability - great for job and graduate school interviews!

Student Stories