When is the Internship Class held?
The monthly and weekly class are held on Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30 p.m. They are held in the evening because students are at their internship sites during the day. Please check with the Internship Center to confirm the day and time. Note: If you are unable to attend the class on the scheduled day and time, you cannot participate in an academic internship. You may wish to consider registering for INTE391 (1-3 credits), which requires participation in just one orientation class.

Does my employer need to sign anything?
They do not need to sign anything prior to you registering for credit. After the Internship Center receives and processes your registration for credit, we will send a letter of confirmation and a memo of understanding (which they will need to sign) to the site supervisor you have listed on the form.

How can I get paid for an internship?
Employers - Approximately 35-40% of internships are paid, but we always encourage site sponsors to compensate students where, and when, possible.

Community Service Work Study - If you are eligible for financial aid and are working in an organization which serves poor or marginalized populations, you may be eligible to receive a small amount of assistance through Community Service Work Study (CSWS) funds. Even if you meet the criteria mentioned, you are not guaranteed to receive any money. Funding is minimal. 

Clifford and Carole Jones Public Service Internship Fund - This fund is only available to students interning at certain, select sites.

What about International Students and Curricular Practical Training?
Information Sheet

What about Health and Safety?
Some internship sites are now requiring medical examinations, CPR training, and verification that students have no communicable diseases such as tuberculosis.  Students are responsible for scheduling medical examinations and all required tests prior to the beginning of their internship and for making sure exam / test results are forwarded to the appropriate person at the internship site.

Is there a Harassment Policy and Procedure?
Yes.  The document covers misconduct of a supervisor / co-workers towards a student, as well as when a student demonstrates misconduct towards a supervisor / co-workers.  Harassment Policy

School and Department-Specific Information
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What Outcomes and Assessments does the Internship Center use?
Outcomes and Assessment

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