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Resource Guide for Locating Your Own Internship

Internships in Central PA and Philadelphia - Searchable PDFs
Messiah College informs employers of their responsibilities to treat students with respect and in a professional manner.  If you intern at a site and they do not do so, please inform us, so that we may make a notation for other students to consider before contacting them. 

Internships in Central PA
Internships in Philadelphia
Searching the pdf documents:
1) Scroll down to the name of your major in red...OR
2) Press Control [CTRL] + F.
3) A box will appear in the upper right of the window.  
4) Type in the keyword you would like to search for.
5) Sometimes you will see that there are multiple results for the keyword you have searched throughout the document. To view the next result, simply click the ARROWS (^) located on the right side of the search box.
6) When you locate internship sites of interest to you, write down the record numbers listed on the left side in bold blue. Include them on your application, or email them to your Internship Faculty Advisor. 

Internship-Specific Search Engines
Federal Government - "Pathways"

General Search Engines 
Enter the career field in which you are interested.  For example, "engineering internship"  or...
be more specific - "electrical engineering internship in seattle, wa ".  (non-profit oriented)

Large Local Organizations with Multiple Opportunities
Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce (Member Directory)
Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce (Job Postings)
The Hershey Company
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HersheyPark and Giant Center)

Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor& Industry - Job Gateway

Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission
In the search field type "internship"
Statewide positions

Philadelphia Film Office
Online guide to multitudes of potential opportunities


Summer Research Opportunities in the Life Sciences

Washington, DC

Washington Internship Institute -

Job choices cover