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English Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

English Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

English at Messiah College

Creative writing, literature and critical thinking combine to form a comprehensive education for English majors.

If you are a creative and critical thinker with a broad range of interests who dreams about writing and positively influencing others through writing, then Messiah College’s English major is a good fit for you.  At Messiah your professors, who are also published authors and lecturers, will teach you to hone your writing skills and will provide you with lots of opportunities to get your writing published outside the classroom.

You may even present your work at an international conference or compete for an Oxford fellowship like other Messiah English majors have done! We recently surveyed our English alumni and they agree: Messiah prepared them well for successful, creative careers in teaching, editing, publishing, missions, business, law, ministry and even songwriting. 

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