Michael R. Cosby

Michael R. Cosby
Michael R. Cosby
Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek, 2007-2012

My interests vary from whitewater kayaking to the study of ancient rhetoric. I gained my love of the outdoors while growing up in the Northwest. I gained my love of Biblical Studies from studying the Gospels. During the week, I teach courses such as Encountering the Bible, Synoptic Gospels, Paul and His Letters, Koine Greek, Biblical Backgrounds, or The Parables of Jesus. My wife and I love to travel together. On weekends I am likely to be hiking or careening down a river in my kayak.

I work continually on writing textbooks. At Messiah College we use my new book, Interpreting Biblical Literature: An Introduction to Biblical Studies (Stony Run Publishing, 2009), for our Encountering the Bible classes. For classes on the Gospels, I use my book Portraits of Jesus: An Inductive Approach to the Gospels (Westminster John Knox, 1999). For courses on Paul I use my book Apostle on the Edge: An Inductive Approach to Paul (Westminster John Knox, 2009).

I have spent time exploring ancient sites in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Rome. My wife and I took 15 students to Turkey in June 2009 for a cross-cultural experience. I participate in international conferences – in such places as Sweden and Germany – during which scholars from around the world explore how biblical authors used rhetorical techniques when writing their works.

B.S., 1972
University of Montana
M.A., 1980
Western Kentucky University
Emory University, 1985
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Phone: (717) 796-1800 ext.2990
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