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Student Research

Seniors propose, execute, and present an original research- based thesis, consistent with graduate research standards. They earn an ethics certification from the National Institutes of Health, and are well-prepared for professions or graduate study.


  • Max Adamitis: "The Stranger in Chapel: A Study of Atheist and Agnostic Minorities on a Christian College Campus and Beyond"
  • Korrie Elliot: “Who is That?”: Uncertainty Reduction Strategies and Romantic Attraction
  • Drew Gehman: "How Close is Too Close?: Perceptions of Boundaries in the Professor/Student Relationship at a Christian College"
  • Carrie Carranza Hussein: "Conservation, Integration, Pluralism, and Assimilation: A Collaborative Model for Ideal Race Relations for 21st Century American Society"
  • Taylore Kerns: "From Street Corners to Cafés: An Ethnographic Look at Public Space in Harrisburg, PA."
  • Malcolm McDermond: "Negotiating Development: An Ethnographic Study of Implemented and Latent Cultural Capital of the Christian Karen of Northern Thailand"
  • Lynette Mhangami-Perkins: "Residential Heterogeneity: How do White People in Mechanicsburg, PA Perceive and Evaluate the Racial Demographics of their Town?"
  • Abigail Robinson: "The Visible Language: Identity and Fashion Transformation among Female Messiah College Students while Studying Abroad"
  • Christina Schuhert: "Exploring American Values in U.S. Best-selling Christian Self-help Books"
  • Jennifer Shenk: "Why do we have to make things?: An exploration of the DIY generation at Messiah College"
  • Brian Stockard: "Music Education: Its Perceived Value by Non-Music Teachers"
  • Mallory Wood: "Navigating the Gray: Voices of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students at Messiah College"

Faculty Research

Our faculty are actively researching, presenting and publishing.

  • Dr. Jenell Paris recently researched and presented a study, “Religion online and bereavement: Stillbirth, neonatal loss, and parent religiosity,” along with her co-researcher, Janel Kragt-Bakker. They've submitted the article to Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Sept. 2012.

Research Opportunities

Senior Thesis is required of all Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice majors. In addition, faculty may provide students with opportunities to assist them in their personal research. Students may also propose an independent study. If approved, students can register and receive course credit for this work. Contact your advisors and/or professors if you have any questions.

Current Research Opportunities: