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Career Development

What can I do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Criminal Justice is one of the fastest growing careers out there.  Federal, State, and local jobs within the field can be divided into many different categories.

Law Enforcement

  • University police departments
  • County Sheriff's departments
  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • Police officer
  • Detective
  • K-9 Officer
  • Motorcycle Officer
  • Mounted Patrol
  • Bicycle Officer
  • Bomb Squad
  • Swatt Team
  • Hostage Negotiator


  • Prosecuting attorney, District attorney
  • City attorney, City prosecutor
  • United States Attorney
  • Criminal defense attorney
  • Judge
  • Paralegal
  • Court reporter
  • Bailiff
  • Court clerk
  • Judicial administrator


  • Uniform jail and prison corrections officers
  • Prison superintendents
  • Probation and parole officer

Private Security

  • Corporate and industrial security manager
  • Uniform and undercover security officer
  • VIP security (Bodyguard)
  • Private investigator
  • Polygraph specialist
  • Campus security officer

Other Criminal Justice Degree Options  

  • Social worker
  • Military police
  • Tribal police
  • Forensics
  • Forensic psychology
  • Forensic psychiatry
  • Forensic anthropology
  • Emergency Dispatcher
  • Criminologist
  • Laboratory technician / criminalist / evidence specialist

What can I do with a Sociology and Anthropology Degree?

A SOAN degree provides a foundation for many careers and a set of skills for working with people and organizations and a solid preparation for a shifting job market.  A survey of recent graduates showed them working in the positions listed below.

Human Resources Administrator
Marketing Coordinator
Business Consultant
Human Relations Specialist
Veterans Services Representative
Insurance Company Claims Examiner
Community Development Corporation Director
Urban Agriculture

Government Consultant
Legislative Assistant
Law Clerks for Judge
Law School Student
Adoption Worker

Activities Director Program for the Elderly
Working with disabled persons
Health Services Project Coordinator
Therapeutic Aid

Conflict Transformation Instructor
Mental Health and Special Education Therapist 
Residence Life Associate Director
Addictions Counselor
School Social Worker
Case Managers and Case Worker
Director of low income housing program

Masters and PhD Student
Research Analyst
Social Policy Survey Specialist
College Admissions CounselorAssistant University Professor
English as Second Language Teacher

Wycliff Bible Translator
Ministries and Service Project Director

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W. Richard Sevens Jr. wrote a book about careers for Sociology graduates. Click the title to read the chapter about the following areas:

International Relations
Health Care
Business Consultation
Federal Government
Urban Social Work
State Government
Criminal Justice
Seminar and Workshop Consultations
Education - Administration
State Agencies
Consulting - Education
City Management
Evaluation Research
Child Welfare