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Clubs and Honor Societies

Honors Societies

Students are encouraged to take leadership positions within a major-related organization.  Our department participates with national honor societies that recognize student achievement and provide opportunities for publication and conference presentation.

Alpha phi sigmaAlpha Phi SigmaAlpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society

Juniors and seniors with a GPA of a 3.2 or higher are eligible to be a part of the Criminal Justice Honor Society on campus.  This club offers great opportunities for student leadership and focuses on student scholarship and community service.

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Alpha kappa deltaAlpha Kappa DeltaAlpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society

Juniors or Seniors with a 3.3 GPA/3.0 within Sociology courses, and who have completed four Sociology courses, are encouraged to apply. Members have opportunities to apply to fund, publish and present research, and scholarships.

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Related Clubs and Opportunities

  • Criminal Justice Club
  • Peace Fellowship This group aims to bring practical and applicable practices of non-violent action to students and community members on Messiah's campus, focusing on justice, reconciilation and the pursuit of peace. For more information, contact Meagan Bricker.
  • Human Rights Awareness Human Rights Awareness challenges students to understand complicated issues happening throughout the world in light of their Christian faith. HRA serves as a medium through which college-wide programming of world events can be placed such as Invisible Children and World AIDS Day. For more information, contact Brianne Mehringer.
  • EarthKeepers The Biology Club/Earthkeepers tries to educate students about Christian stewardship and help foster an appreciation for God's creation while showing students how to be responsible with God's gifts. For more information, contact Professor Erik Lindquist.
  • Collaboratory The Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research partners on projects that foster justice, empower the poor, promote peace, and care for the earth.
  • Joshua Farm The Joshua Farm is an urban farm located on 18th Street in Harrisburg. It is affiliated with Joshua Group, a non-profit Christian organization that intends to aid at-risk youth and employs underprivileged youth from the surrounding area. The farm grew from a vacant lot to a profuse farm and now sells affordable organic vegetables to families in Allison Hill while providing service, vocational and educational opportunities to at-risk youth in the city. For more information, contact