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Student Opportunities

At Messiah College, you'll find plenty of ways to participate in leadership roles, network as a young professional, hone your academic skills, and link what you're learning in the classroom with hands-on experience and enrichment opportunities.

Psychology student opportunities homepage imageMinds Matter

Minds Matter is Messiah College's chapter of Active Minds, a national organization dedicated to informing and educating peers about mental health. New to Messiah, this club holds various events and conversations about mental health in order to create a comfortable environment surrounding mental health.

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, founded to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship and to advance the science of psychology. Psi Chi’s two main goals are to provide academic recognition and a climate congenial to creative development for the society’s members. Students in Messiah College’s Psychology Department can participate in Psi Chi through Messiah’s chapter, which is operated by student officers and a faculty advisor. Becoming a Psi Chi officer is another opportunity for Psychology students to maintain valuable leadership experience, as officers select and induct members and carry out the Society’s goals.

Opportunities for Enrichment

The Department of Psychology knows that students must learn in a classroom setting and outside of a classroom setting. By offering opportunities to participate in conferences, presentations, internships, and faculty research projects, the Psychology Department allows students to develop their understanding of the field of psychology in a hands-on experiential way.

Honors and Awards

So many of the students in the Psychology Department at Messiah are gifted and diligent individuals who meet high standards in the classroom and apply what they have been taught to real-life situations. To celebrate their accomplishments and their use of their knowledge to serve others, the department offers students opportunities to display their achievements and awards to show both our appreciation of their hard work and our congratulations on their success.